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Peninsula Libertarian Party is Officially Recognized!

posted Nov 1, 2009, 9:30 PM by Robert VPLP Alexander   [ updated Nov 1, 2009, 9:35 PM ]
A number of weeks ago, the Peninsula Libertarian Party was recognized by the Virginia Libertarian Party as an official political party.  If I am sending you an e-mail you have either attended one of our meetings before or are on the State Libertarian list (I've been making phone calls, too, so please update your contact info with the state party).
We want to invite everyone to our next business meeting at the Hampton City Council Chambers (22 Lincoln St), 7pm, this Tuesday, November 3rd.  We will be discussing local and national 2010 elections and the way forward as well as the possibilities of symposiums.  Bring friends and family.  The draft agenda is below:
7pm-725 pm:
PLP Chair, James Quigley and PLP Vice Chair, Joel Cupp
- Short Greeting and passing out of sign-in roster
- Discussion and voting on the possibility of hosting future public symposiums on liberty, what the first topics should be, what guests should be invited to speak, when to be held, and what venue should be used to host the symposium
-  Discussion on having a movie night for our next social meeting (17 November), possibility of snacks or a pot luck, and vote on which liberty-oriented movie and where movie night should be held
PLP Treasurer, Glenn McGuire
- Discussion and vote on our financial situation and where we should hold our PLP monetary account
- Discussion and vote on timeline for the hosting of a Libertarian primary to seek candidates to run in the 2010 Congressional elections
PLP Media Rep, Sanford Pankins
- Discussion and vote on timeline for finalizing our candidate lists for Hampton City Council and Newport News City Council
- Discussion and vote on media campaign for candidates for Hampton City Council and Newport News City Council
815pm- Until They Kick Us Out
- Open Floor
- Social time with members, old and new
Open Topics: Only those that attended PLP meetings within the last 6 months may vote, though all are encouraged speak their mind.  We will need volunteers to help with what is decided.
Hope to see you all there!
James Quigley
Chair of the Peninsula Libertarian Party